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Is Home Education For Me?

Are you interested in educating your children at home but aren't sure it's for you? Or are you in the thick of it and having trouble maintaining your day to day equilibrium? Do you ever wonder whether you might be hindering your children's future more than helping it? Will they turn out weird or miss valuable experiences that other kids have...?


We get it. We've been there, asking those questions and many more, and we can help. 


The Home Educated Mind (THEM)


Currently in BETA, THEM is a Christ-centered consulting and equipping hub for those interested in working more closely with Erin and Brett and other experienced home educators who desire to build in their children strong minds and Godly character capable of critical thinking, effective communication and sound moral and ethical reasoning.

Along with practical academic insights, our mission is to help parents navigate the challenges of their child's spiritual and emotional development as they endeavor to see them become all God intends.​ Homeschooling provides additional and unique opportunity to engage a child's mind and heart to the fullest extent possible. And, when done with the support of like-hearted community, it can be an incredibly rewarding, and even exciting, adventure! 


Following are some ways joining THEM can help.​

THEM is a Christ-centered consulting and equipping hub for home educators dedicated to helping one another raise 

tomorrow's leaders, today.

We Help You Help Them (your them)

Think of us as your home education companion and focused social network where you interact with other single-minded homeschool parents, as well as experienced home educators who are upfront and honest about what’s worked for them and what hasn’t. There’s no noise–just inspiring conversations about God, family, education. The Home Educated Mind is the support hub for today's Kingdom-centered home educator who is committed to raising the whole person according to God's bend. We help you take your real-life challenges and turn them into growth opportunities as you help your child learn to love learning!

What Will I Receive Here?


  • EXCLUSIVE — Experience content and conversations you can’t find elsewhere (things un-Google-able).


  • CONNECTION — Connect with other home educators who share your interests, do the same things or care about the same topics, and possibly even live near you.


  • WISDOM — Make better, more well-informed decisions about matters that are most important to you.


  • INSPIRATION — Find daily inspiration, thought-provoking conversations, and experienced, Christ-centered perspective for your role. 


  • INTERACTION — Swap stories, experiences and ideas around a Kingdom-focused mission.

Benefits Overview


  • MEET THEM  Stage-specific Interest Groups, Connections to Others Near You, Live Chats, Ask Questions, Resources for Daily Inspiration & Insight, Personal Messaging


  • SHARE THEM  Share Your Stories & Ideas, Photos & Videos, Create Polls & Articles, Form Interest Groups, Join Private Accountability & Discussion Groups


  • HEAR THEM  Weekly, Live Q&A Webinar with Education Experts, Access to Q&A Archives​​

  • MENTOR THEM  Private Tutoring, Consulting & Coaching Services Discount

  • FREE THEM  Free Membership for Active Duty Families, Adoptive Families & Widow/Widower Families

  • ACCESS THEM  24/7 From Any Device

The Home Educated Mind



Your New Resource

So, in a nutshell, what if you had reliable, and easily-accessible assistance and a growing group of experienced home educators to depend on every time you needed practical insight, uplifting input, or simply a group of peers to share your joys and concerns? What if you had at your fingertips field-tested resources and the opportunity to share your story or contribute your insights, all in a healthy, eternity-centered environment of encouragement and support? Beyond that, what if you could receive group coaching or get specific, personalized support for those tougher stretches through private consultation or coaching from veteran home educators? 


That's THEM.


The Home Educated Mind is launching soon as a subscription-based service and is currently receiving applications to join our launch core team. Approved applicants will receive a one-year subscription as a thank you for their participation in helping resource THEM and contributing to the environment of hope we're committed to establishing. For this phase of our launch, we will be filling approximately 100 complimentary memberships.


Pre-Launch Team Criteria

1. Complete our brief application survey below (qualified applicants will be notified by email).

2. Once approved, contribute your story, love of learning, insights, questions and ideas to THEM community.

3. Tell others about THEM.

  • BONUS — In addition to a free 1-Year membership, THEM Launchers will also benefit from our Ambassador referral program. Advancement credits can be redeemed, applied toward your second-year subscription, or gifted to other families of your choosing. 


Your Investment Supports Orphans & Widows

Upon our official launch to the general publicTHEM membership includes a Free 14-day trial and is only $15/mo ($10/mo annual) once your free trial ends. Cancel anytime. Introductory, Limited-time Offer. 


  • 10% OFF THE TOP  10% of THEM membership subscriptions is donated to organizations who care for orphans and widows. Pure and undefiled religion in the sight of our God and Father is this: to visit orphans and widows in their distress...


Join us (or THEM) to be encouraged, share your strengths, and glean from the experience and commitment of other parents like yourself. 


Apply Here

Complete our brief application survey: 

Brett & Erin Barry

THEM Founders

We believe children should be released upon the world, not into it.