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Are you wanting to homeschool but worried by such questions as, Will my children become social misfits? Will they get into college? Am I smart enough, capable enough, strong enough? What if I do more harm than good? In Yes, You Can Homeschool! The Terrified Parent’s Companion to Homeschool Success, education specialist and 20-year homeschooling veteran Erin Barry answers these questions and more. Packed with practical information and insight, and delivered via engaging stories and vulnerable life-lessons, this resource will empower any terrified parent to courageously venture on their own successful homeschooling journey.


You’ll also:


  •    Find tips for raising up the whole child (build both brains and character!)     

  •    Discover the power of parenting from a Biblical worldview     

  •    Become informed of public education laws and how they affect you     

  •    Uncover the secrets of lead learning     

  •    Find your best learning rhythm     

  •    Realize the advantages of homeschooling


Holding a Bachelor’s degree in Education and a Masters in Clinical Christian Counseling, Erin Barry has taught professionally from pre-K to college and is a favored keynote speaker at home education conferences in the U.S. and abroad.  As a sought after tutor she also works with students from public, private, and home learning environments, and through The Home Educated Mind ( mentors parents who desire to educate their children at home. Her passion is to see parents become both encouraged and empowered in their faith in Christ, and fully equipped to train and guide their children toward the unique individuals they were created to be. Erin and her husband Brett reside in Frederick, Maryland and have successfully graduated their three children. Currently, two are in college honors programs and one is an honors college graduate.

Yes, You Can Homeschool!