Concert Soirée

Heavy hors d' oeuvres, a concert of well-crafted, Christ-honoring love songs, and a time for dancing to wrap up the evening, the Inseparable Lives Soirée casts a romantic vision of what marriage can be, inspiring the kind of relational want-to that helps marriages grow strong.

Marriage Workshop

A one-day marriage education class designed to help couples identify strengths and gain skills necessary for creating and maintaining a loving, lasting marriage (tools for thriving!) as they go the distance in their marriage relationship. 

Marriage Weekend

Combines the Concert Soirée and Marriage Workshop or expands the Workshop into two parts to create a romantic, hope-inspiring weekend of practical tools and strategies for strengthening the marriage relationship.


Church Services

Brett & Erin lead elements such as worship and/or special music and bring a cross-centered, discipleship-empowering message of hope for the corporate church or fellowship gathering. 

Special Events

Solo or with a band, special music, worship service or full on faith-inspiring concert, Inseparable Lives inspires vision and desire for living lives that represent well our Lord Jesus Christ.

House Concerts

A heart-warming evening of Christ-centered, acoustic music and life-lessons-learned testimony accompanied by scrumptious finger food and enriching fellowship.