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Yes, You Can Homeschool!

Are you interested in educating your children at home but don't know where to begin? Do you have a plethora of ever-rotating questions running through your head about how homeschooling your kids could affect pretty much everything about your life and theirs? 


We did too. 


But now, after 20+ years of formal home education (plus two honors college graduates with one to go), we have a perspective of hindsight and are here to help those still in the trenches, as well as those just now considering the homeschooling world. Life is definitely an adventure - and homeschooling seriously catapults the experience to new levels! Challenging as it can be, however, it's so worth the effort!


People ask us, would we do it again? And with resounding unity, we reply, "Absolutely!"


But, not only would we do it again, we like to think we'd do it even better, especially since we didn't have people like ourselves to walk with us throughout our journey due to homeschooling being still so young when we began. At any rate, like every caring parent, we trust you want your children to achieve all God has for them. Should you choose the home education route, we'd be honored to help you help them become their very best.


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Step 1:

If you haven't grabbed your copy of Yes, You Can Homeschool!, you can get it through AMAZON or via our FREE YYCH Book promotion (S&H only). Either way, there's a great deal of helpful insight and inspiration buried within that will serve to steady your heart and strengthen your step. 


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Additional assistance with your homeschooling journey:


  • Yes, You Can Homeschool! Self-Paced Equipping Course: Discounted BETA Version

  • The Home Educated Mind (THEM): Support Community

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  • Live Video or Phone Consultation: TBA


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